So its come to that time of the year again and everyone is rounding up there best of the year photos, best of Twitter, best of Instagram and so on. This might get a little boring for some but for us creatives this is a really easy method to track how well the account has grown or what is liked on the acounts.

Firstly my instagram @mih.photo has only been around a year now, having deleted my previous account to protect work but then figured I've lost a key place to share my work. Previously I shared a lot of my design work, having been a freelancer this was brilliant for bringing in new work but having moved into full-time work, I needed a new focus for my personal work so thus the photography returns to be the core focus.

The account has grown to a good and healthy 700+ followers and rising and this year has seen my content double but engagement multiple by five times! So clearly I am doing something right.

The top nine above mostly feature from my first Cambrian Mountains Expedition with three of nine photos from the same evening, a brilliant sunset over Aberystwyth coast. With a further two from the trips. Three more feature from a local nature reserve I would visit on a regular basis whilst I worked in Wokingham. Finally, a recent photo in Canary Wharf.

A good sum up of the year but are these my best? Only two of these I would personally pick to be mine so below are my best based on: Best selling, most featured, awards or competition winners.

So do you agree with my nine above?

Now the photo below, why is this tenth photo here? Throughout 2016 I have come back to this style of photography and it is special thanks to Chris Dale for the main part, this being ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). Its really stuck with me and it likely goes back to my days of painting and being inspired by Impressionist painters, in particular Monet, capturing moment and light. This photo hasn't been that popular but just is my personal favourite. Do I care its not been that popular, nope because I shoot for myself, anything extra is a bonus.