A Year of Adventure

Half way through 2016 and my first question is where is this year going! And can someone tell it to slow down.

Jokes aside, 2016 has been an amazing year so far and I'm excited for the next six months with my personal work in photography and what FortuneWest is working on. My main challenge this year has been to finish my DofE but to push my photography further than before and some of the ways I've been doing this has been:

Be more social on social media (as silly as that sounds) by actively reaching out to others in the photography community and sharing both their work and mine.

Share more photos.
Mainly through weekly comps like FSprintmonday and Wexmondays but also entering more competitions/exhibitions. Some of the big ones I've entered recently have been Landscape photographer of the year 2016 and the Countryfile calendar 2017.

Print more and stop making excuses to not do something.
Mainly pushing off buying new things that will help: new lens, printers, papers and just get out more to events.
Basically, don't let money be an object to stop you from doing something you enjoy.

What have been my highlights this year?
The Photography Show, its still surreal to think my photo was on display at this major event in the calendar world and I'm already preparing for the 2017 show.

My new toy - Olympus PenF.

The change from DSLR to Mirrorless.

Now my next big goal for the next six months:
Hitting 2000 followers on Twitter Wishful but possible
Reaching 1000 followers on Instagram

Below are some your favourite photos on social media.