Intentional Camera Movement

Since starting the new year I've been hooked on a big craze that has been about for some years now but has really exploded this year. My biggest inspiration in this area is Chris Dale in which all started from this photograph shortly after Christmas and have the delight of having this photo on my walls at home.

Over the year ICM has been growing and growing, its very easy to do and can be highly rewarding as the effects and what happens are a complete mystery and very difficult to mimic within post production with tell, tell signs of a fake ICM.

Although the compositions are simple in colour or lack of colour in some cases, it captures light and movement making them more subjective rather than what is the photo?

Looking at leading lines, symmetry and patterns. When the odd person flies through the frame it makes it all that more special. This style is some what like the paintings of Impressionists - Monet, Turner and so on. Looking for elements that reflect this light and movement. Trees and water are always an easy subject but people can produce interesting effects.

What I enjoy most from these photos is what can revealed from the trees, some of the motion blur created makes it appear like people walking through or watching you which yes can be very creepy!  When printing this style of photograph on to Giclee paper they look just like paintings or a chalk drawing, you wouldn't had thought it was a photograph but created by brush.

That's the real magic, creating a painting from your camera with little more than a filter and movement.

In order to do this style of photography you will need:
Neutral density filter - I recommend a 6 stop filter at least if not a 10 stop for bright sunlight, you need to be able to get a few seconds on the shutter speed.

Camera of course but one you can control aperture and shutter speeds

Tripod, although not always required it can be more rewarding to go free hand

Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 2

Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 2

Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 1

Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 1