Analog photography - grab a camera not a smart phone

How many photos do you take on your phone?
How many of those do you honestly look back over?
How many do you actually upload to the likes of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Now how many of you are running out of room on your devices because they're full of images or videos?

I take hundreds and honestly not that many are uploaded but the best bunch, very few are printed either which is a huge shame.
I recently deleted 2TB worth of photos and content from my hard drives which date back over 15 years as well as having a hard drive fail on me recently which started the ball rolling.
Do I regret it, not at all! I never looked at them and it was lost space that I kept telling myself I would need one day but whenever I would want something off the hard drives it would be a tiresome task to search for what I wanted.

Having deleted it all, I now have space for future content and less stressful and cheaper for that matter not having to search through terabytes worth of content and keep new back-ups.

However to avoid filling up the space quickly again I would need to come up with a solution. I needed to think of what I am taking; will this really matter if I take this photo? Will I honestly print or look at it in a year’s time, will I really regret not having this photo?

Most answers were no I wouldn’t care or regret it because I have the memory in my head. Less is more as they say, and you begin to appreciate the moments and trips.

Rather than taking everything on your phones and losing the images into a collect of thousands, start using a camera. Digital or film; film especially as you are forced to print them in order to see the results. This will force you to be more selective in the matter, appreciate the moment or memory and end up creating something more special.