Anatom SkyeTrail Men's Ultralight Multi-Activity Shoe

Anatom SkyeTrail Men's Ultralight Multi-Activity Shoe

What Anatom Footwear say:

The SkyeTrail Men's Multi-Activity Shoe is an incredibly comfortable multi-activity shoe for trail walking and fast hikes made from our latest shoe technology.

The Anatom SkyeTrail Men's Multi-Activity Shoe is designed to be very lightweight, but also durable, the upper of the shoe is made with ballistic polyester and high quality suede that stand up to scratches and abrasions. A thin tri.aria lining creates a waterproof barrier and allows for breathability.

For increased support, unique webbing lace loops add stability as they are tightened. A phylon midsole provides cushioning and a crash pad in the heel absorbs every impact. With a high traction Vibram sole, you have long lasting comfort on every walk.

  • Upper / Ballistic mesh & suede with rubber toe bumper

  • Heel / Heel cradle support system

  • Membrane / tri.aria Membrane System

  • Lining / Performance

  • Last / Comfort

  • Insole / Anatom Bioform Ultralite

  • Footbed / Midsole Calibrated nylon

  • Outsole / Vibram® Sky Running

  • Weight / 373 gms (size 42 half pair)

Interior Comfort. Exterior Performance.


On review

Anatom describe these shoes as a multi activity shoe so I have taken them out for the past month and used them in about every situation in my daily life and they are yet to meet there limit. From walking, hiking, running, cycling, gym sessions and scrambling. They are comfortable, hardy and robust for about every activity and never give up on the grip and factor in the cost they might even be my new favourite shoes! Now that is saying something.

From scrambling, gym, running, hiking, cycling and just general walks around the Capital city or local woodland and even swimming/paddle in the sea these multi activity shoes fit the bill for everything and are extremely comfortable and continue to support your feet throughout the day.

Straight out of the box the shoes are extremely comfortable, and you can get straight on the trails with them. The first weekend out (mere days after getting them) I wore them for a near 20 hours straight and in this 24 hour they were used at the gym with TRX and fitness then on the road for 3 hours followed by a coastal hike and scramble down the cliff side at 2am in the morning and I had no blisters, rubbing or discomfort.

When Anatom say "Interior comfort. Exterior performance" they really stick to their words.


You would think for a shoe that can basically do everything it would struggle in one area, but I have struggled to find that point. The grip from the Vibram outer sole is perfect and suits running and light scrambling. On the climb down on the wet cliffs to the beach at Dunraven Bay I had no issues with the sharp edges, rock poles or pools of water and the same on the way up.

The durable outer protects your feet and keeps them secure so even on the uneven ground when my feet were twisting in some awkward angles I didn't feel like I was going to slip, or my feet would give way.

Following the rock poles and sea water plus boggy patches that remained on the Fans in the Brecon Beacons (Yes, some water left on the ground despite the recent heatwave) the shoes waterproofing is superb and even having a dip in the sea my feet inside remained dry.

Of course, if I went in past the lip of the shoe my feet would get wet but the outer shell works and water stays out. I'll be very interested to see how the shoes fair up in the Autumn and even in to the Winter in worse conditions.

The shoes are great at keeping the water out and are somewhat breathable but it's to be expected they don't allow complete airflow.
Wearing the shoes whilst cycling was great and I could feel the airflow keeping my feet cooler but hiking I found in this stifling heat of 35 degrees my feet were getting hot and I did find some respite by taking the shoes off. It's worth noting although hot my feet still didn't rub and experienced no discomfort and I could continue to walk.

 designed for those light and fast trail days

Walking, hiking, cycling, gym sessions or scrambling the really are a multi activity shoe
for it all and will keep your feet secure, dry, comfortable with no issues.
A really enjoyable shoe to where all the time plus you can do anything in them!

DkGuWp9W0AEzplF.jpg large.jpg

In the hot weather the shoes were on the hot side, but no rubbing or blisters came from it. The extra padding around the ankles help to reduce this and a good pair of socks always makes a huge difference! As they are waterproof they are a little less breathable, but this is a worthwhile compromise, knowing your feet will remain dry in wet conditions.

Although a low ankle shoe, the shoes will likely be very comfortable and good for Autumn and Winter when the wet weather arrives. As they are padded the heat will remain in and keep your feet toasty in the colder weather. However, we have a 4 month wait until this comes around.

As everyone knows we have had an extremely dry and hot summer so trying to test how waterproof something is with a lack of rain is somewhat difficult, but we haven't had to wait long for the rain to appear and boy did it. I spent another weekend in South Wales around the Brecon Beacons and for the most part of the weekend it rained.

Although previously taking the shoes for a dip in the sea and having wander around the cliffs, this was the real test to see if they would hold up.
I'm glad to share they didn't disappoint in protection or comfort and my feet remained dry for the better part of the whole weekend.
The shoes went through a fast and hard hike up Pen y Fan and Cribyn in the evening. The average temperature was 20 which was ideal for getting up fast before the light disappeared to pitch up but as the night set in and the clear skies remained for a night under the Perseid meteors the temperature quickly dropped.

In the cold and with the wind chill my feet felt insulted and the Anatom shoes provided good protection, although nothing strenuous activity wise sat on the mountain side the cold quickly set up.

Another full-on weekend and only taking the shoes off for a small 4 hours during sleep on Friday night. I clocked in some 45000 steps / 421 floors / 21 miles and climbed Pen y Fan, Corn Du and Cribyn a total of 8 times collective *Fitbit stats*, followed by the walk in the valley's around the waterfalls and rivers. Thick mud, fallen trees, rivers and plenty of puddles and all were a mere walk in the park with the shoes on.

Even in all the rain and rivers the shoes kept my feet dry and with the wet rock and fallen trees, again didn't feel unsteady walking all day. They maintain grip in any condition which is just as well as these were my only pair of shoes I brought with me over the weekend. I knew it was a risk but a safe risk with these packed.

To be able to find a shoe that you can climb mountains, run, cycle, water sports and walk and continue to be comfortable all day and provide protection from the weather is perfect for a busy lifestyle and someone on the go. As I opened with, these are one of my favourite shoes and it's been a real joy using them over summer and I look forward to seeing how they hold up in the Autumn and Winter.

MyOutdoors Score:

Comfort = 25/25
Wearing the shoes all day for near 24 hours and continue to climb mountains, hiking in the heat or in the rain my feet didn't suffer or feel confined within the shoes.

Grip = 18/20
In the rain, kayaking, river wading or climbing over wet rock the shoes never lost grip and never felt unsecure on the ledges.
Not just in poor weather but the heat too, loose gravel and rocks can be an issue and rolling your feet but this wasn't an issue in these shoes.

Weight = 14/15
The size 42 (size 8 UK) is 373gms which is light, the size 12 which I needed weighed just a little more than 450gms.
Having a light shoe is helpful for multiple activities and keep you fast on your feet for trails and climbs. It adds to the comfort and enjoyment of wearing them and knowing you can do most if not all activities in these.

Water resistance = 19/20
River wading, climbing the Welsh coastline or hiking 20 miles in the rain my feet remained dry throughout and even in the muddy conditions the shoes keep their structure and remain fairly clean too as the water and mud just runs off.

Durability = 19/20
As above - Mud, rocks, water and heat the shoes remain solid and kept going.

Total = 95/100

Transparency Notice: Please note that MyOutdoors receives free products for review from brands and manufacturers, but we only accept products for review on condition of total independence and no guarantee of endorsement

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