Blanket over Marlow

Experiencing foggy conditions on the door step is always highly rewarding but it’s something that rarely comes through this often, especially when the fog is at the right high with the sun rising over the Chiltern hills behind you. In terms of photography it’s not difficult to shoot but being in the right place at the right time, plus having patience are all a must.

Winter 2019 has been a slow season so far; any half decent conditions have been difficult or too far to get to. We’ve had little to no snow in the South and when it did arrive, of course I couldn’t get to the locations best for the snow.

Feeling frustrated about the poor conditions and lack of snow meant I was struggling to get out with the camera due to lack of motivation. Often just leaving the camera at home now or buried in my rucksack but still ever hopefully something might come soon enough.

What I didn’t expect was the week of thick fog looming over the valleys and hills, only a stone’s throw from where I live and work. The previous night I could see the sun setting and the fog developing over the fields below, going in the wrong direction and could see traffic building up on the return I opted not to turn around and shoot this. Holding ever hopefully the conditions would remain until the morning where I could get down earlier and catch the sunrise with the fog.

The patience was worth it. As I drove down the hill towards Marlow, I could see the fog over the fields. I could see the lay-bys were empty so pulled up, ventured in to the small pocket of woods to shoot the lone trees in the field and villages in the distance.

As the sun came up over the hills behind and the fog below began to glow with a faint orange hue.