Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 2

Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 2

Where has five weeks gone?

As I write this on the 30th June, I set off in a little over a weeks time for my final DofE Expedition with ExpeditionWales.

This is happening in the south of the Cambrian Mountains this time and we are set to do some 75km over 4 days (Some 46 miles). Over the entire week it will be close to 55miles.
Last time I didn't bother bringing the FitBit but this time round I am so hedge your bets now as to how far I will be going.

On my practice I struggled with packing, it had been a good 3 years since my last major expedition like this so I was rusty to say the least, I over packed with my pack leaving my house, weighing in at 20kg and leaving the expedition at 17kg.
(This was actually naughty of me, I wasn't meant to)

This time round, I've packed far better, my bag is nearly full and its only 14kg, however this doesn't include water, camera or a tent and gas.
I expect the bag to weigh around the 16kg.

Why is the bag lighter? Main things are lighter clothing, more waterproof than heavy weight jumpers, its just not needed.
My food choice - Rather than wet food, i've gone for the add water packs.
Wet food was 300 calories, the add water are 600 calories. Its a no brainer but they do cost more.
I've also taken out a few layers which were extra and didn't even come out on exped with me previously. Small changes which have had a big effect.

I'm sure you're dying to know what will my next lot of photographs be like.
To be honest, I'm not sure. The area I'm trekking in is very open and remote, it could be a lot of fields and hills.
Okay this is a little bit of a porky, I know there is several large rivers and waterfalls we'll be crossing as well as some large wind farms! So expect more of the below.

So what kit will I be taking?
The mighty Olympus PenF of course
17mm F/1.8 M.Zuiko
28-80mm F/3.5 Vivitar OM Zoom Macro with the MF-2 Adapter (My Arty farty lens)
This time I'm bringing filters:
A P160 Cokin Polariser
Cokin ND grad - 3 stop and 2 stops
Peak Design rain cover and Lowepro Adventura SH160 pack.
This total camera kit comes in weighing just below 1.7kg. LIGHT WEIGHT

In keeping an eye on the weather, updates show it could be a wet week!
This isn't good news but one that could be interest. This will force me to think more creatively with each exposure as opposed to blank shooting in bracket mode.

If this is the case, I imagine there will be a lot of dark, contrasting photos in mono. Lots of mono. This will also mean a change in kit. Rather than the large SH160 bag to drop to the smaller SH110 to fit inside my backpack for added protection.
I also won't bother with filters, its an added thing to clean in the rain.

In the bag

Friday 8th - Last few days before I set off and a last chance to pack kit and prepare.

My choice of camera hasn't changed, this is still the very pretty PenF in its new leather case, matched with the M.Zuiko 17mm F/1.8 lens, great all round lens for wide angle and close up.

Second lens - Vivitar 28-80mm F/3.5 Macro Zoom with the MF-2 Adapter.
This lens is completely manual but a brilliant lens with the 2x zoom on the Olympus the 160mm* equiv becomes 320mm.
Its also a super light lens as its mostly plastic.

A small table tripod, I am going to attempt some astro photography as the skies are super clear, however this is weather dependant, not looking good so far...

Filters - I will be bringing the Polariser and two ND grads - 2 stop & 3 stop

Rest of the kit is the usual - Peak Design case, battery, wipes etc.

You'll all be pleased to know, we passed with flying colours!
I must admit it was difficult, the terrain although less hills was more like swamp land and very remote, which made it very hard to navigate but we did it.

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