Coleman Fyrestorm PCS backpacking stove

Coleman Fyrestorm PCS backpacking stove

What Coleman say:

The Coleman FyreStorm PCS is a high-performance, personal cooking system that benefits from our advanced HyperFlame® burner design.

Ideal for backpacking or wild camping, the stove features an integrated, 1.3litre pot that sits directly over the burner to ensure fast boil times. The stove offers 360o wind protection thanks to our WindBlock™ system and HyperFlame® downward stepped burner.

Chrome-plated pan supports and feet are rust resistant and make it easy to ensure the stove is stable on uneven ground. Once your meal is prepared, the pot has a neoprene cover with a handle that is easy to hold without the risk of burns. The pot comes with a secure lid, complete with drinking hole to keep your beverage or food warm.

The stove and gas cartridge can be neatly stored inside the cooking pot for protection during storage and transportation.

The FyreStrom PCS is compatible with our Xtreme and Performance Gas.

It is one of the very few backpacking stoves on the market which can still work at 6 m/s wind speed.


  • Power: 2200W

  • Gas consumption: 158 g/h

  • Boil time: 6min 35sec at 3m/s wind speed, 4min 30sec at 0m/s wind speed

  • Size: 20.4 cm x 13.6 cm pot

  • Features: Unsurpassed cooking performance under wind, thanks to our downstep HyperFlame® burner design, and patented Wind Block™ wind shields. Comes with Piezo and extra long flexible metal hose to allow flexible positioning of the cartridge. 1.3l pot with neoprene sleeve allows storage of stove and one C300 cartridge inside during transport.

  • Weight: 258 g (stove) + 318 g (pot + lid)

  • Fuel source: Coleman® Xtreme Gas & Coleman® Performance Gas

On review with me:

The Fyrestorm stove is a large but lightweight stove, which is ideal for 1-2 persons hiking or camping. Coming in at 20x13cm and weighing a total of 500g and the pot supplied can hold 1.3L so it’s a great balance between size and weight.

To compare the Alpkit Jackal stove is 16x10cm and weighs 400g and the pot can only contain 900ml at most, recommended at 750ml.

What makes the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS better and more suited to back packing, being able to pack the stove into itself and save space with the burner, wind shield and a C300 (230g) gas cartridge all fitting inside. Plus with the large pot I found I could fit more inside: lighter/matches and spork. Meaning all my cooking tools for a hike were in one location so I can grab the pot and know I’m good to go.
Not that the lighter or matches are needed as the stove uses a Piezo ignition switch which makes life a whole lot simplier, especially when you are cooking in poor weather.

I stated it was ideal for 1-2 persons but there is nothing to stop this stove being used in larger groups of 4-6+. Just 1-2 persons wouldn’t need to refill the pot for more after. Typically most dehydrated packs will need anything between 350-500ml of water so with a pot of 1.3L you'll have plenty for two meals and two cups of tea.

I feel the Fyrestorm PCS could become a serious consideration for DofE groups and outdoor activity providers due to its light weight, robust and packable solution. Typically most will opt for the trusted and mighty Trangia but you can’t hold a gas cartridge inside these and they weigh a lot more. However they do stand the test of time but the Fyrestorm PCS is half the price, half the weight and quite possibly the best weatherproof backpacking stove on the market today. I for one will certainly be recommending this stove to groups of hikers and my DofE groups.


To build the stove is very simple. The twist and lock system for the pot and wind shield is perfect and can come apart using just one hand. You don’t have to lock the wind shield to the pot either as the supplied pot can be used straight onto the burner or the wind shield sits snug over the burner and the pot simply sits on top.

Some systems you have to physically hold the pot, shield and burner to unlock the thing and can be a task in itself. Certainly when you need to do this in order to pour water into food.

You will find the plastic lid to the Fyrestorm is a TIGHT fit! You will have to physically prise the edges over the top of the pot or when packing away over the wind shield. It’s not the easiest lid when compared to others where a simple push down and clicks into place but at least you know it’s not going to blow away anywhere or fall off so easily when you tip the pot over.

The lid is also fairly thick and just as well, as you will need to use the lid for some support when pouring the water into your mug or food.

The handle on the pot isn't the best, in fact its a little flimsy. It is made from the same neoprene sleeve and I found when the pot was filled up the handle wasn’t much help in keeping it level or that well supported.
Now the sleeve does sit right up to the edge, touching the lid so you can use this with your thumb to help steady the pot and this helps avoid touching any potentially hot sections.

A better handle would have been nice to have seen, something with a more strength and support as pouring a litre of boiling water and spilling this over you won’t be much fun.

When it comes to cooking, you won’t need those matches anymore. The burner has a Piezo ignition system which in strong winds required 3 clicks at most for the burner to ignite. I saved myself lighter fluid and matches. So much simpler.

Cooking time is quicker too. In the various conditions on hills in strong wind or poor weather, I found time to boil was around the 5-6 minute mark. In good weather this time was halved.

The burner has a new HyperFlame design which clearly helps in cooking times and the design helps the burner sits lower, making it more compact and ultimately reduces wind exposure. I used the stove a number of times in various conditions, wet, windy and in good conditions and the stove had no issues at all with any of it.

Of course the major bonus with this burner and the kit as a whole is its ability to use pretty much anywhere, at any time or weather condition. I have seen a few reviewers using this kit in the snow and have reported no issues in sub zero conditions.

You won’t find many stoves on the market that can actually keep cooking in gusts or strong winds of 6+ m/s.

I think it’s fair to say this is one of the best weatherproof and compact stoves on the market today.

The stove itself doesn't have to be used with the pot, you can use other pots or pans to cook on the stove rings. However you won’t be able to use the wind shield.

I would be interested to see if Coleman develops a pan that sits flush and locks into the wind shield so you can have further options to cook and expand the Fyrestorm PCS range.

The burner is structurally sound; the fold out legs are not loose so are unlikely to accidentally fall in on themselves. It sits lower to the ground, helping reduce further wind exposure and makes it more portable. Even in strong winds and uneven surface the burner and pot weren’t going anywhere. The burner comes with a cloth to protect it during transport and this sits nicely inside the pot.

Overall I am very impressed with the Coleman Fyrestorm PCS, yes it maybe bulky and larger than most stoves but it is lightweight, with the full kit only weighing 550g with the added benefit of packing your cartridge and extras inside for added convenience.

In poor conditions and through the winter months I would personally prefer this stove over the likes of the Brew kits or pocket rockets. The Coleman is structurally better, more efficient and the weatherproofing capabilities it offers are mind blowing! You could probably cook in a hurricane and the thing would still be cooking away...

So now you have no excuse not to cook or eat properly when up a mountain or hillside when weather is poor. The Coleman solves all this - It is perfect for solo hikers or small groups, its cost versus what it supplies and opens up for hikers is huge.

A high quality and practical stove perfect for hiking
in wet and wild conditions.

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