Durdle door in the rain

It’s great to be creative on a daily basis but sometimes everyone needs a break from the daily grind and digital lifestyle we all endure so getting away for road trips and enjoying the outdoors at weekends is a must.

As per usual the weather wasn’t favouring us for our first visit on to the Jurassic Coast and visiting the ever popular Durdle door but this wouldn’t stop us.  The drive down to the coast was tedious enough with flooding but once we arrived on the cliff side car park all we could see was sheet white. The cliffs and sea had disappeared.

It was only until you climbed out of the car and fought your way through the rain and wind to the pathway, did the beach start to appear. A light scramble down to the water edge was difficult enough, let alone trying to get the camera out which was instantaneously soaked.

Trying to lift the camera up to view the coast line was near impossible. The front elements were coated in water, sea mist, salt and sand that was being blown up.  You dare look down and take time looking on the back of the camera to see if anything was any good or worth keeping.

Shooting in poor weather like this speeds up your process but also makes you conscious of what to shoot, trying to avoid the camera out in the rain. Working in these conditions really gives you unique views that most typically shy away from and stay indoors.

Where's the fun in that?