GoToob+ review

What Humangear say:

The first GoToob was the original, patented soft travel bottle, and it set the standard in this category for a decade. While others have been busy trying to copy the original GoToob, we’ve been busy making something even better. Small, medium, and large are available in all colors. X-Large is available in clear, blue, and green. Pre-packaged 3-packs are available in three-color assortments.

The new GoToob+ keeps the features people love: it’s still made from soft, rugged silicone that’s easy to squeeze and gets every last drop out; the small, medium, and large sizes are still air travel approved (TSA); and all four sizes are food-safe (FDA). But the GoToob+ also offers a bunch of new features that no other soft travel bottle in the world has.

The GoToob+ features a new, larger opening making it both easier to fill and clean. The bases of all the GoToob+ tubes have been contoured so that they can now stand up easily for even easier filling. There are larger size indicators on the silicone (making the size clearer to TSA agents so you can breeze through security), not to mention the tubes come in new shapes, sizes, and colors. And we haven't even told you about our patent-pending LoopLock yet. 

The GoToob+ collar has our exclusive LoopLock, which makes it almost impossible to accidentally open the cap, further reducing the chance of any leakage. The LoopLock can also be used to hang the tube from a hook or clip it to the outside of a pack. There’s also a textured area on the collar where you can write in the contents with a permanent marker - the texturing helps the ink stay in place and prevents it from being rubbed off.

The small 1.7 fl. oz. size slips easily into pockets, bags, purses, and other tight spots. The small 1.7 fl. oz. size, medium 2.5 fl. oz. size, and large 3.4 fl. oz. size are all TSA carry-on approved. Going on a super long trip and need lots of lotion for those hard-working hands? Humangear is now offering a 6 fl. oz. size as well.  New, large size indicators on the tubes make their sizes clear to TSA agents, to help you breeze through security.  All GoToob+ are 100% BPA-free, PC-free, and Phthalate-free. They are also covered by our lifetime warranty.

Colors: Clear, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Aqua, Purple, Dark Blue ,Teal

Materials: Tube: Silicone, Cap Valve: Silicone, ID ring and cap plastic: #5PP (polypropylene), All materials: FDA food-safe, BPA-free, Phthalate-Free

On Review

These oddly shaped bottles are to put it simply a stroke of genius which until you’ve used them, you wouldn’t know you were missing them from your life.

In this latest review I take the GoToob+ bottles out to try out in everyday life and out travelling. Firstly, they come in a variety of sizes from small up to x-larger which provides plenty of sizes for your travel needs whether this be hiking, holiday away or taking abroad. They can be purchased individually or as a group in a pack of three from small up to large. The small is 53ml, medium being 74ml and large 100ml.

I often only stuck to the smaller sizes of the small and medium which I found was plenty for a week’s trip or weekend away. I found the small the best personally as it’s so small and easy to throw in to a bag and not worry about. With all the GoToob+ bottles a clip lock has been designed in to the cap so using this I knew I didn’t have to worry about any leaks or the cap failing. The clip lock was simple to use by simply sliding the lock out and pushing up over the flip lid. It would need some force in order for an object in the rucksack or case to cause the lid to fail.

As for the bottle itself the rubber case is plenty strong, and these mighty strong bottles are almost like bouncy balls and can be thrown about and take a fair beating before they would puncture. Again, it would be a miracle/freak accident for something to puncture the bottles. The bottles themselves come in a variety of colours which you can select on the website when purchasing. The three packs have less variety but still cover the main spectrum of colours available.


At first appearance they might seem expensive at a small bottle being £6 and a medium at £7 or a pack of three mediums is £20 from Cotswold Outdoors. You must remember these are re-useable and when you consider flying you need to sift through products and buy smaller items in order to take aboard your flight these will mean you can save money in the long run by using products from home in a safe and secure means without the worry of security at boarding. If you consider the small travel items you would have to take away such as shampoo, shower gel or toothpaste can set you back near £10 and you’d struggle to get change from that.

My partner found the larger sizes in particular the medium especially more helpful from a women’s perspective and found it cheaper and better for her travelling with work in and out of the country. She could fill up the GoToobs with her usual products from home and this would cover her for several trips and worked out cheaper rather than buying several lots of miniatures for each trip.

These bottles aren’t just for cleansing products but can be used for food and are BPA free so much like the issues of small shower gels costing the same as a large bottle you can simply fill one of these little bottles up using a standard sized product such as Mayo or Ketchup to take away. This could be very popular with hikers who would like some extra flavour or sauce with their dehydrated meals out hiking. Or if you have a van you take away, rather than lots of glass bottles potentially smashing or taking up lots of space you can save space and time with these small squeeze bottles.

Cleaning the bottles out is fairly easy and even on the smaller bottles there is plenty of room to fit a small sponge or fingers inside to clean out the contents, using the small bottles for a recent trip I used them for toiletries which as most know shower gel or shampoo isn’t good to digest. A good clean they were used days later for food and my partners toiletries for her trip abroad and post the clean the bottles didn’t smell or taste like shower gel or washing up liquid for that matter. Due to the rubber bottle I found leaving them to air dry on a rack best rather than using a towel which meant fluffy and fabric from the towels remained on the exterior.


These simple bottles are really rather clever, and I had previously never heard of them but having now used them I can see so many uses for them and not just with travel requirements but to reduce plastic and food waste around the house. Outside of this the obvious aid these bottles can offer in cost saving and space saving for travels abroad, in the country or just getting away to camp is a great option.

For those out on the hills using these to hold Ketchup, Fruit juice for water or just shower gel, shampoo for holidays. The list keeps going and as I opened with these are simply put a stroke of genius which is time, money and space saving all round. There is a little up-front cost of course as with any item, but the use goes beyond one use and can be continued to use for further trips.

Transparency Notice: Please note that I (Matthew Holland) receive free products for review from brands and manufacturers, but I only accept products for review on condition of total independence and no guarantee of endorsement.