International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2017 Finalist

I'm pleased to annouce I am a finalist in the International Garden photographer of the Year 2017, coming second place in my category - 'Trees, Woods and Forests'.

My photo was taken back in October 2017 during the "Snowdonia Togfest 2017", this being a holiday as such for a few photographers and we go around photographing the landscape and trying something new and sharing our experiences, skills and just generally having a good laugh and eating a lot of food!

"Dinorwig Pattern"

As I've called it is a portrait shot taken from the road side heading into Llanberis across to Dinorwig or Dinorwic quarry. What attracted us to the quarry was the fleeting light that was passing through, every band of light that broke through the storm clouds above created huge bands that made the slate and autumn trees erupt in colour creating a stark contrast between the two.

The kit I used?

I was using a Nikon D500 with a Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 tele macro 2:1 mounted to the new Vanguard Veo2 235AB travel tripod.  It's worth noting the lens I used had no auto focus function due to be old and damaged and at some point during this weekend the lens suffered water damage and now no longer works. It did well for £85 and 14 years eh.

If you are interested in prints or knowing more about the location feel free to contact me to discuss further. If not I invite you to view and see all of the winners here.