International Garden Photographer of the year entries 2017

Its that time of the year again when POTY awards are closing or just announcing winners. We jokingly said in Wales that their is a POTY award for pretty much everything now a days. Its somewhat difficult to keep up with them all so rather than entering all of them and burning a small hole in my wallet I decided to enter only one but put more effort into one strong entry.

One that I have been working on this year and had at the back of my mind has been the International garden photographer of the year. Focusing primarily on Trees, forests and woodland. So without further a due, below is a collection of images I put together that I have submitted.

However I am not going to say which ones I have submitted, I will let you guess.
I have purchased a single entry to the competition so only four of these images can be entered.

matt-holland_last of snowdonia.jpg
matt-holland_firefly leaves.jpg
matt-holland_snowdrop darkness.jpg
matt-holland_dinorwig pattern.jpg