A little Kew set

Friday 9th February I was at IGPOTY at Kew Gardens. Now I had been toying with the idea of bringing my camera. I only own the Nikon D500 but it is a beast and weighs a lot but as I wasn't sure what to expect I opted not too. However after myself and Chris Dale headed out around Kew Gardens for a wonder and enjoy some photography. (This is where I wish I had the camera now).

I only had my camera phone - A Sony Xperia XA and to put it blunt, it's crap!
The quality, focus, everything I hate about it but yet I also enjoy it as I have to REALLY work to get a usable image out of it which means I can be a little more experimental in with what I take as certain styles of photo just simply don't work. Your classic vista's and landscapes are a no go! Lack of contrast and just general sharpness make the views look washed out and weak.

The stand out location for myself and Chris was the palm house, this giant Victorian glass structure with interesting angles and textures coming through the glass. Especially in the plants being pressed against the windows. Another area we both found some interesting imagery was the orchid house and The Hive. Kew is such a big garden and I have been twice now, I am still finding new spots that I haven't been to yet and even those previously visited areas I'm finding new compositions all the time. You could literally live in this garden and never get bored.

Below is some of what I captured on that afternoon.