Reviewing L.Type prints

Reviewing L.Type prints

Reviewing the world’s only 400ppi true continuous tone prints

Seeing is believing which is why the L.Type team encourage you to print your own photos as L.Type prints so you can fully appreciate the true quality of the world’s only 400ppi true continuous prints by seeing your own photos in its finest printing form.

All they ask is that you send the highest quality image file you can and they do the rest.

"The L.Type print process recreates the care, personal attention and quality of the traditional darkroom experience for the modern age.
Our service is backed by an obsessive attention to detail.Our print is completely different to any other print because it is the world's only 400 PPI true continuous tone print."


L.Type prints use files prepared at 400ppi resolution at the printed size, this is considered to be better than 4,000 dpi quality from an ink-based printer which ultimately allows L.Type to achieve images that show no digital patterning AT ALL.

If you are a novice and not sure about re-sizing this happens automatically within the App or the guys at L.Type will re-size for you. This way it ensures you get the best prints and avoids any issues in production. All they ask is that you send the highest quality image file you can and they do the rest.

Delivery was fast! Despite the bank holiday weekend. I placed my order Thursday afternoon and the prints arrived Tuesday morning first thing after the bank holiday weekend. The prints are delivered in a cardboard postal pack to protect the initial folder.

When you tear this open, the excitement begins. You are presented with a soft velvet like folder with L.Type logo in the centre and enclosed are your prints sealed in a plastic vacuum packed bag to protect from any scuffs or marks. The level of presentation from L.Type is second to known and taking that little extra effort at this stage makes the service all that much better compared to competitors.

You can't help but get excited when you receive your prints in packaging like this.


As mentioned previously the prints come packaged in a plastic vacuum sealed pocket to help further protect the prints on delivery, in turn this also helps reduce the cardboard waste used in deliveries.
Take caution when opening the plastic pocket as a pair of scissors is needed so stating the obvious avoid cutting your prints which could easily happen down to user error if you're not paying attention.

In addition to the prints was a sample pack showing the other papers and qualities. This isn't a feature in every pack you purchase but would be within any new customers to L.Type.


I chose a wide selection of images, so I could see how each would work with blacks, whites and how the colours would be represented. You can see the selection of images below - Spring Meadow, Wittering Huts, Dinorwig's little tree, Penmon Point Mono, Bats head storm and Dinorwig Pattern.

The range various from bright colours in the meadow to monochrome of Penmon point or rich blacks and grey from the slate at Dinorwig.

Colour rendition from the prints to digital files are matching, they are superb and thoroughly impressed.
The detail and sharpness as remained and with the darker images, certainly the slate images that are dark have that extra pop from the colours.

As a whole these are six beautifully printed photos that I am proud to share and hand to customers with my name on and this is the level of service I need on every print, no matter the price or time length.

From sending the photos, talking to staff and receiving the prints. The whole process was quick, painless and exciting to see the end results and printing with a supplier should always be this way.

The expert advice I received prior to printing and the communication along the way ensuring me where the process was and when I would get the prints took the stress and worry away. As someone who doesn't print from home, I am reliant on services like this which can make it super easy for me to fulfil prints, know where they are and communicate to my customers the expectation and time length.

This keeps me happy, my customers and in turn L.Type are happy too with a happy customer.
It's a win all round.


Sending your photos for print couldn't be easier.

L.Type have two methods to send in your photos to get the ball rolling. The first is probably the easiest and the one that most typically opt for now - WeTransfer which allows you to send up to 2gig of files (compressed folder) to a given source.

Upon receiving the files you get an acknowledgement from WeTransfer of download but better yet L.Type send you a personal message to say they have the link so you can rest assured you sent it to the correct address. The second method is via the new App, which I am yet to try but reading L.Type's description on the App it links directly with Dropbox and the two sync with each other. Allowing you to upload and select as many files you wish to keep in the portfolio.

This I could see as a huge benefit if you have repeat orders for popular prints, so you don't have to keep sending via WeTransfer which is more a onetime thing. The app is only available on Apple iOS, but I can foresee the development in to the Android market in the future.


don't just take what I've said - Read what others thought

“Blown away by the quality of L-type prints. The level of detail and tone have to be seen to be believed. The ordering process is impressively easy and my prints arrived well packaged.”
Owen Vachell

"Very impressed with LType prints - easy to order, very well packaged, nice heavy paper and colour and detail are very, very good."
Pete Stevens


"The 4 prints I received were excellent far beyond what I thought would arrive after trial and error this prints look amazing I will be Re ordering again very soon."
Mark mc Neill photography


"I’ve been very impressed with L-Type’s service. They were fast, helpful and most importantly the prints were accurate. Of the 4 prints I ordered, 3 were spot on and the fourth would just need a small tweak to get it as I would want. I print my own work but it’s good to have found a service who I can be confident will produce prints that are accurate & printed to a very high quality."
James Tomas


"I was offered the chance to get 4 A3 prints at a much reduced price courtesy of an offer from fellow photographer, Matt Holland. Given I was looking to print a few from a project I'm presently working on I jumped at the chance to see what these images would like like 'in the flesh'. The whole ordering process was simple, with excellent communication during this, with advice being given on the recommended finish once the selected images had been transferred. A couple of days later I arrived home to what can only be described as 4 absolutely stunning prints, with colour representation being spot on. The finish of each print was superb. The prints also arrived really well packed & presented. I would have no hesitation in using L-Type to print for me going forward, given the quality of these ones"
Shaun Mills


"The process of ordering through L-Type was great. Simply uploading your photos via a We Transfer link on the site / app, and then being contacted when being processed. It felt like a very personal service, I was contacted regarding the file size of the images that I had sent, to make sure I was happy with everything. Delivery was quick, the images are packaged very professionally and I was really impressed with the paper and print quality."
Dylan Jones - Shoot from the trip


"I was really happy with the whole process. It can be really scary ordering prints (especially on a tight budget), but the process was really straightforward.
The contact sheets were really helpful and the quality of the prints, the papers and the packaging all exceeded expectation! I have already ordered more, and I'll be showing them at the RHS botanical art fair in July."

Jo Stephen


"I ordered some L-Type prints on the recommendation of Matt and decided to choose a wide range of styles to push the prints to their limit. I'm happy to say that they passed with flying colours! All four of them are of exceptional quality, but the extreme ends of the spectrum are where these prints truly show their potential. A low key, black and white pet portrait showed incredible depth in the blacks and lovely, smooth transitions in the greys. Meanwhile, a high key and subtly coloured snowy landscape displayed the fine detail of the branches better than any prints I've seen and managed to keep the colouring very subtle. To say that I'm impressed would be an understatement."
Click and Learn Photography


Are you interested in trying L.Type for yourself?

Visit L-Type or email for further support on placing your order or send your high-res images, with embedded colour profiles to via wetransfer, Dropbox or any other method.

Keep an eye out in the future for further promotions and offers.


Transparency Notice: Please note that I received six free prints from L.Type to review, I have not gained any monetary value from the discount code that ran in this review.

Royal to Mountain

Royal to Mountain

Durdle door in the rain

Durdle door in the rain