Millican Camera bag insert

Millican Camera bag insert

What Millican say:

Our Camera Insert & Waist Bag is a functional pack for shooting in the moment. Designed as a personal carry bag, or as a companion to the camera pack and messenger bag, this is an all-round hard worked equally at home in the city or on longer journeys far from home. Ideal for photographers who are on the move.

We created a lightweight waist pack for keeping the essentials within easy reach. Our multi-purpose travel bag is kitted out with internal pockets, padded walls and watertight zipped lid to protect your camera gear. It’s even small enough to store in your main pack – so you can lighten the load whenever you need to.

Travel made simple

At the heart of this bag lives the spirit of travel, designed and built for active journeys across the globe - a companion that will experience your every step with you. Lightweight, functional and activity ready for any adventure without compromise - a contemporary design with simplicity as its guide.

Available in: Ember, Olive and Slate - 5L


On review with me:

I've been using the Millican camera insert with the Fraser 25L rucksack since October now and it's been a joy to use and I feel safe knowing my gear is safe inside and protected. As clumsy as it is I have dropped the bag with lens inside a few times and everytime no issues. I also abuse the Fraser 25L and throw this about with this insert inside and never once had an issue.

The camera insert is very well padded with thick walls and water tight zipped lid but because of this it is on the heavier side at 450gms but this is a good compromise in my opinion, certainly when you will be carrying this around every day for trips away.


It's not the cheapest camera insert at £70 but with all of the above it's good to know where the money goes into producing a very well made pack. It's minimalist styling as well means it looks less like a camera bag.

I've used cheaper inserts ranging from £5 up to this being the most expensive of the inserts and this has been the longest lasting and toughest. Even down to the adjustable inserts inside, they stick to the walls and no issues after long term use with the velcro and stitching. The added bonus with the bag is an internal lens cloth and two smaller pockets on the lid which are big enough to fit spare batteries, memory cards or circular filters (up to 82mm).


The insert is a small 5 litre bag which fits nicely inside a range of rucksacks, matched with the Fraser 25L it can fit inside upright or on it's side. It's a little snug but does fit, the perfect companion for the insert is the larger 32L Marsden rucksack.

As a whole the insert can fit a variety of sized cameras with lens and of course the size of your system will reflect this. I use the Nikon D500 and my usual two lens I carry every day are the 16-80mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.8 which prior to buying the MB-D17 battery grip the Nikon and lens could fit in with plenty of space with the 16-80mm attached. Now with the grip the body will only fit in one way with the 35mm lens on which for some might be annoying but it's workable for me as the 35mm is the usual lens I use for filming.

If you are using a FX (Full-frame) camera this insert is unlikely to suit your needs with FX lens being considerably larger! It's likely you'll need the whole Marsden rucksack to fit the system.
If you're a Fujifilm, Olympus or anything on a small system like this then the insert will fit perfectly! As Millican say this insert is ideal for photographers on the move.


The packaway hip belt is very helpful and this is one of the features on the insert that allows the pack to be used on the move and in a variety of means. Yes most inserts have a shoulder strap but the hip belt is helpful when carrying heavier lens inside.

I recently used the pack at an event and kept the camera with 16-80mm with a flashgun out of the pack but inside had a 55-300, spare batteries, cards and 35mm which was incredibly comfortable when walking around at the event. Better yet the insert with the hip belt can be rotated very easily around the body so you can slide it out of the way when you do not need access.

Typically however I would opt to leave the hip belt tucked away to make it easier for sliding in and out of my rucksack, in addition I would leave the insert open so I can open the top of the rucksack and have quick access to the insert inside.

Click the photo to find out more on the Nikon D500

Click the photo to find out more on the Nikon D500

Although small and some what awkward at times to fit all of my kit inside, it really works for me. I know when this is in my rucksack I have all my kit I will need to produce what I need on a daily basis.
With how tough, durable and compact it is lends it to travelling and on the go videos and photography. For daily life I can fit the body with grip, 35mm and 16-80mm lens inside plus spare batteries, card and ND fader. Everything I need for a daily shoot for my design work.

When it comes to travelling further a field then just throwing the 55-300mm in the rucksack in it's case is not a problem as I would rarely use this lens. As for tripods, the Vanguard Alta Pro2+ comes in carry case which straps on to the side of rucksacks, including the Fraser 25L.

It maybe expensive but it is the perfect little companion for photography and on the go activities.

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