New to Unsplash

New to Unsplash

So 8 days ago I joined up to Unsplash to give it a try after reading this article here from DPReview.
To briefly explain, the review covers being on Unsplash for 4 years and how the numbers of views, downloads, comments and just general activity is far greater than any social media network to rival. Most notable how it rivals Instagram a platform made for sharing photos.

If you don't know what Unsplash is - Unsplash is a photography stock site essentially but it's free. Users can upload high res files to allow anyone to download and use them as they will.
I mean some might think its made but in the 4 years I've know about Unsplash and Death to Stock Photography it's become a huge market and opportunity to show off work. DPReviews article mentions about brands enquiring to some photographers and paying them to do a series/body of work because they loved the photos so much.

So how have I found the platform in a week?

In all honesty, I have been blown away. It could be argued that over 4 years of using a platform of course you will have big numbers so I was interested to try myself but with some caution if it really would be as good as the article mentions.

It is that good. I mean in 24 hours I had over 10,000 views on one image, over 300 downloads and a few likes and noticed a spike in my followers on Twitter and views on my website so people were clearly clicking through to else where.
See the first image below:


Within 3 days I had nearly 40,000 views between two images, just shy of 600 downloads as well as my upload limit lifted so I can now upload as many photos as I wish.


I uploaded my third photo of the week and the final numbers for one week on Unsplash are quite something - 135,000 views, over 800 downloads, and approaching 100 likes.
Website geography of click throughs to my website has expanded to truly global with clicks from Japan, Russia, India, New Zealand, America, just yeah all over the place.
A spike in people reading my content on my website and several coming through to my Twitter to comment and follow so for the brands I've reviewed this is good for them too.

Notice the Durdle door image has just been uploaded. Stats still growing.

Notice the Durdle door image has just been uploaded. Stats still growing.

I couldn't be happier to be honest and after a week, will I carry on?
Yes I will but here's what I will be doing. You won't find my best photos on Unsplash, you will find photos relating to that series or trip. The best will remain on the website for you to come find and buy but equally this is my opinion, perhaps what I am uploading is better than what I consider my best. Either way, Unsplash has been pretty great so far and I will certainly be continuing the uploads here and seeing what happens over the course of the month.

As a photographer, if there was one thing Unsplash could lead to more of for you, what would it be? Connection with fans? Paid gigs? Selling more photos? - Luke Chesser

I wouldn't say paid gigs or selling more photos is the idea or goal to using Unsplash. I love the idea that it opposed the stock sites and revealed these super togs around the world. For me personally it's about connecting with people. Money has never been a goal.

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