Recommended kit list

With a new expedition season fast approaching and many photography trips and workshops arranged you can get very excited about all the travelling and fun you're about to have but then it dawns on you. Equipment!

What do you need, what if it isn't good enough, what if I get wet, how much do I spend. So many questions and no answers.
To help here is a helpful guide which we hand out to the DofE participants and Scouting to help them pack and find the correct kit. I have made it so you can just copy and paste it into Word and you have you're own kit list.

Expedition kit

Rucksack (day up to 35litre / expedition 50-70 litre)
Waterproof liner (dry bags)
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof trousers
Maps and GPS
Torch plus spare and batteries
First aid kit
Blister plasters
Survival bag
Walking boots
Gaiters (If boggy and wet)
Drink (2 litres min)
Lunch plus spare food for emergancy use
Hat and gloves plus spares
1 x spare warm fleece
Sunglasses, sun cream and sun hat
Bug spray plus head net (net optional)
Flask (Cold weather)
Small amount of money

Personal expedition kit

Sleeping bag
Sleeping bag liner (optional)
Insultation mat (roll mat)
Spoon, knife, folk (spork - metal only to avoid breaking)
Bowl, mug and plate
Brew kit (hot drinks - tea, coffee, hot choc etc)
Clothes (2 days = 3 shirts, two trousers, 3 underwear, 1 jumper / +1 for each day is generally a good guide)
Spare socks
Wash kit (keep to minimal: tooth brush + paste, roll on deodorant)

Stove and pans
Fuel (meth or gas)
Lighter, matches and spares
Spare map and compass
Duct tape, laces, string
Mobile phone
Spare warm clothes
Camera, pen, paper etc