Royal to Mountain

This trip was meant to be a fun bank holiday weekend to celebrate my award, enjoying Wales and just generally having fun. It turned in to a complete wash out and disaster.

My original plan was to go to the awards at Buckingham Palace and then leave directly from here to North Wales but with traffic and travel problems I didn't get home until late by which point travelling a further 300 miles. Being slightly lazy I didn't want to sit in a car for 5 hours and get to Wales late and miss everything.

So I set off the following morning in heavy rain, hoping the weather reports were right about Wales being clear. They were not, in fact the weather reports on most channels got it VERY wrong! It was the complete opposite, heavy rain, strong winds. It was like being back in the storm in October from last year.

So pitching a tent in that weather was interesting. It didn't happen but I did manage to climb Snowdon in my personal best time: 4 and half hours from car to summit and back and half a dozen okay photos but nothing special that jumped out. That night was interesting because the tent was soaked having tried pitching on Y Garn so I slept in the car and waited in anticipation for the following morning hoping it might be clear. It wasn't and more weather warnings had come through for storms, strong wind and heavy rain.

With an uncomfortable nights sleep in the car and seeing the reports for back home being sunny and clear I opted to leave. I was in Wales for less than 24 hours and it was a complete wash out, waste of miles and time but I don't regret trying. Although wet and wild, Wales, especially Snowdonia is still one of my favourite locations in the UK for this very reason it's so unpredictable.

It can't always be perfect with no rain and blue skies, that would be boring if it were. So on to the next adventure in the Brecon Beacons with Grant Hyatt next month.

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