Snugpak - How to pack a sleeping bag?

As a Snugpak brand ambassador one of the most frequent questions I get is how do I get my sleeping bag back in to the compression sac?

Unlike most sleeping bags where you would typically roll them up prior to squeezing them back inside the sac, you simply stuff the bag back in to sac.

Snugpak have a help centre and guide to help as seen below.

Step 1.

Pick up your sleeping bag from the foot end (you should always pack from the foot end of the sleeping bag) and take around 30cm of the sleeping bag and fold it horizontally over your arm.

Step 2.

With this 30cm horizontal fold, you want to roll it vertically and tight, to then place it within the compression stuff sack.

Step 3.

Next, put the now stuffed compression sack in between your feet whilst holding the remainder of the sleeping bag under your arm (armpit area).

Step 4.

Now take a good handful of the sleeping bag and stuff it into the compression stuff sack. Give the compression stuff sack a quarter turn and repeat until it is fully stuffed. Also, for further information on how to compress your sleeping bag keep reading below.

How To Compress a Sleeping Bag

When space in your rucksack is vital you will need to have a sleeping bag that can be compressed down to a minimal size. Snugpak sleeping bags can be compressed by up to 60% making them ideal for all adventures. However, to guarantee that you get the sleeping bag to it’s most compressed, you have to pack and compress it correctly  (Please see the above article on ‘How To Pack a Sleeping Bag’ )

  1.  Make sure all the compression straps are untangled and flat.

  2. Place your knee on top of the compression sack, squashing the sleeping bag.

  3. Next pull on the compression straps alternatively, taking care not to over tighten

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