The Attraction of circles

The Attraction of circles

issue 68 of Photography News

Round screw-in lens filters are often perceived to be the poorer relation of square filter systems, yet they have many advantages, especially for outdoor and travel photography. The Kase Wolverine Circular Magnetic Series capitalises on these plus points. The filters fit in front of the lens on a screw-in magnetic adapter and can be snapped on and off with ease, and rotated with speed and precision. In addition, up to three filters can be stacked and their low profile minimises vignetting risks.

For peace of mind, the filters are made from toughened B270 optical Schott glass, and independent reviews have shown the filters are drop proof up to 1.5m and higher. Filters feature nano coatings on both sides to defeat flare and reflections, and are hydrophobic, ensuring the filters are easily cleaned when working in wet weather. We asked two outdoor photographers to put across the case for Kase Wolverine Circular Magnetic Series round filters.


Q: Tell us a little about yourself?

A: I’m a Creative Designer from South England. For the past ten plus years I’ve worked in the outdoors as an outdoors guide for Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh award as well as being a full-time multimedia designer, as well as running workshops, trips for my own photography and working with Outdoors media company, MyOutdoors in testing and reviewing outdoors equipment, so I lead a very busy and packed lifestyle.

I’ve been shortlisted and a finalist in the Outdoors Photographer, International Garden Photographer and Royal Horticultural Photographer of the Year competitions for the last few years and my work both design and photography is used global and in supermarkets up and down the country.

Q: What’s your photography style?

A: My personal photography specialises in the outdoors, in particularly mountainous regions which goes hand-in-hand with my obsession and bigger drive to go out hiking, scrambling and camping. For me personally, the outdoors comes first rather than photography and is a means of escape. The photography is a great way to document the journey and conditions of the trip.

Kase Filters Variable Density Filter

Q: Why Kase Filters?

A: I love using the Kase Circular filters. They are perfect tool for the outdoors, the size, weight and quality are everything I need to achieve the desired results I am looking for in my photography. From capturing the motion of clouds to long exposures by the coast, the circular filters are very easy to use in mixed conditions and is a tool that continues to work in poor weather which I have become so well known for being ‘cursed’ when camping. I bring the rain! In the outdoors the conditions change so quickly so I need a filter that has quality and offers speed and ease of use to snap on and off when I need. Plus, any water on the filter just wipes off with ease with no smudging and if they fall out of my bag or pocket, I can be assured they won’t smash.

Kase Wolverine Circular Magnetic Series filters

  • Toughened Pro ND Glass

  • Virtually no colour cast

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Water and dust/dirt repellent

  • Simple to use in the field

  • Magnetic snap on filters

  • Lightweight design 

The Wolverine Circular Magnetic filers sit in front of the lens using a magnetic adapter, the filters can be snapped on and off with ease and rotated with speed and precision. In addition, the filters can be stacked and with the low profile, minimises vignetting when stacked. For peace of mind the filters are toughened, and independent reviewing has shown the filters are drop test proof up to 1.5m and higher.

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters

Transparency Notice: Please note that I am a Kase Filters UK champion and receive the products for free to review from Kase Filters and are returned after completing the review. The review is no guarantee of endorsement. I receive commission from sales through affiliate links on my pages. Any Kase Filters I own has been bought at a discounted rate by myself. The Kase Filters Magnetic circular filters is a pre-production set for testing purposes only and is returned to Kase Filters after the review.

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