Where it all began

Where it all began

What inspired you to start taking photographs?

It is all thanks to my dad really. I remember picking up this strange silver box and wanting to play with it. Not knowing what it really was (the OM2 to name the camera) and was instantly intrigued as to what it was. For years to come I would enjoy shooting rolls of film at air shows, family holidays and just as a whole for fun.

What type of photography are you most passionate about and whose work would you say has influenced you the most?

I love the outdoors and spending as much time as I can outside and enjoying it whatever the weather.
I've never really been interested in people and nature always fascinated me with the lack of control I have over the elements, it was all pot luck in timings and the conditions. Having studied photography from an early age the classic artist I first truly became inspired by Ansel Adams... Name others.

I now primarily use digital as do most photographers but my style of shooting still mimics that of film, whereby which I limit the amount of photos I will take rather than being trigger happy and filming 2x128gig SD cards.

In all honesty, I get bored sifting through that many files and will usually pick my favourites and bin the rest or leave them for a years time when I can be bored to look through them again. When I go out shooting I typically have a frame in mind and will seek to achieve this one result.

A great game to play is to mimic film, not the effect but limiting yourself to 36 exposures or even 11 like in medium format. This can help you to think more creatively and not just spray and pray and hope for the best. If you don't go out and get a photo, don't be disheartened their is plenty more opportunities to go out.

What style are you aiming to create when you edit your photos?

It's hard to say, I go through phases in all honesty. For example currently I'm going for that real washed out blacks, reduced vibrancy look and shooting a great deal in poor conditions: heavy rain, snow etc.
But last summer I was the complete opposite, real rich blacks, lots of contrast, bright colours and vibrant.

I personally see how my mood is at the time and work on each photo individually. Yes currently I am in this real reduced colour and blacks mood but this look doesn't work for every situation and these winter shots prove this.

What has been your favourite location to shoot?

It's easy to say it's hard to pick but the stand out location for me from the past couple of years has been Elan Valley. That might surprise some as they thought I might say Snowdonia.

It's been an extrodinary area to explore and work within and one that I will continue to visit for years to come for sure. Every trip so far as brought something different - The first bright sun and stunning sunsets, the second storms, rain and rainbows right up to thick fog. There has been so much diversity to the Cambrian mountains and Elan Valley that it comes drawing me back in.

I am determinedto do astrophotography here as well!

What images have been your most significant so far?

Difficult, I have several I feel could be it but I think for sure it has to be from my recent trip to Snowdonia on the SnowdoniaTogFest2017. Snowdonia is a brilliant location anyway regardless of weather and the series with what I captured was a real mixture from long exposures to mood black and whites to simple tonal pieces of slate walls. I go back to un-edited photos now, even ones I have edited and manage to see new things every day as my style changes.

What reaction do you aim to inspire in people when they view your images?

Tough, I don't really know. Personally I don't go out to shoot for other people, I find I'm my own worst critic and i try to capture what I feel is visually pleasing for me to look at for years to come so it envokes memories from past trips, the people I was with, conditions we were in or just something that captured the fun element. What other people feel is a bonus, luckily most like my style and find them appealing on screen or in print.

What advice would you give to other photographers who are just starting out?

Ignore the kit! A camera, is a camera, is a camera. At the end of the day the kit can't do anything without you and if you can take the same amazing photograph people want on their walls with a £50 camera to a £5000 camera then you are in my eyes a champ.

Keep getting out there, don't be afraid to take a bad photo and share it. Social media is full of just the good, we never see the bad and I can 100% guaranteed! Everyone takes a bad picture or has a bad day. So never be put off or be down about it, their is always another opportunity after.


Below is some examples of where I started with Photoshop and just playing with my mobile phone. They are poor compared to my skills now but you need to start somewhere.

turtle fantasy.jpg
Whales in the Fog LR.jpg
Wandering the Elan Fog

Wandering the Elan Fog

International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2017 Finalist

International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2017 Finalist