Wigwam Peak2Pub socks

Wigwam Peak2Pub socks

What Wigwam Socks Say:


Climb a hill. Get a drink. Look good doing it.
Four styles perfect for destinations known for breathtaking trails and outstanding brew pubs.

Pacific Crest Pro
Pikes Peak Pro
Portland Pro
Point Reyes

With versatile Stretch Nylon and cozy Merino Wool, Wigwam's Pike's Peak Pro is the ideal partner for all your adventures, even if it is just to the corner bar. Fashion meets function half way. This lightweight combination of softness and protection demands inclusion on all adventures... Peak to Pub.

Dry Feet
Seamless Toe
No Blisters

Learn more about Pikes Peak Pro:

Mineral Ridge Pro Socks - Ultimax Fusion Technology:

The orginal Ultimax® moisture control system removes deposits of moisture, transporting them out of your boots for blister free comfort. A securely soft fit keeps the sock in place while you have navigated all your favorite paths from peak to pub.

Dry Feet
No Blisters
No Odor
Zone Cushion

Learn more about Ultimax Fusion Technology from Wigwam.

On test with me – Pikes Peak Pro Socks & Mineral Ridge Pro

My feet suffer a lot and I’ve always been conscious of them, whether its athletes foot or weak ankles, my feet do get the brunt of it when it comes to my expeditions and as a whole I probably don’t care for my feet as well as I should so when Wigwam socks approached me to try out the Ultimax range, in particular the Peak2Pub range I was excited to say the least and to see whether they would work. Even with my bad feet!

Both the Pikes Peak and Mineral Ridge pro socks use Wigwams Ultimax moisture control system which works! I have used these socks for trail running, hiking, just general wear around the office and house and not only do they help control moisture, stopping your feet from sweating, they are comfortable to wear even in 30+ degree heat!

So they really are a sock not just for the hills and mountains but also for that stroll down to the pub or sat in at home.

I use a range of branded socks which all help to stop my feet from sweating and stay cooler which for the most do work but the cheaper socks don’t perform as well. These are typically selling around £10-15 a pair which is a similar price range to Wigwam but don’t be fooled into thinking they would be another colourful pair of socks. They are comfortable in a variety of shoes and the Ultimax technology works a treat.

I can’t comment on whether they do stop blisters as I am very lucky and don’t get blisters, which is somewhat surprising considering what I shared with you at the beginning but based on the results I have had I feel it is safe to say they will help stop blisters as your feet will remain dry and not rub.

An added bonus with the moisture control in which both these socks utilise is odour control, keeping your feet and socks smelling better when in use. Which does work in helping to reduce the smell but on really hot days and long walks I found my feet still smelt but not as bad as they could had been and in 36degree heat I think it’s fair to say everything struggled in the UK. Despite this heat the socks were still comfortable to wear and were my first choice of sock knowing how adaptable and comfy they are in these conditions.

For the cooler weather 15-20 degrees, I found my feet did remain drier and fresh so overall I’m very happy with how they performed so much so I have placed an order for more socks as I have found them great for this time of the year when hiking or running.


Both style of socks are very comfortable and are the perfect summer/hiking sock. A good thick sock with padding on the base, ensuring they are comfortable in hiking boots, trainers or running shoes. In all, my feet didn’t feel hot and remained comfortable, even in the larger leather boots which can be hard wearing and sometimes uncomfortable on the feet in hot conditions.

Happy, colourful, dry feet out on the hills or at home -
A sock for all occasions.

When it comes to sizing they are a tight fit but not restrictive, I am size 12 in shoes and both socks were in large. However Wigwam have a size guide to help and I could easily go up a size to extra large but the large is more than adequate and I am very happy with the feel and fit.

Both socks are lightweight and small so a perfect pair of socks to throw in the bottom of a pack for a summer hike or to leave in a bag for a walk to the pub after a summer bbq in the park. The Peak2Pub range various in coloured patterns and styles to suit everyone’s personalities, including more traditional colours such grey, black and white if you preferred.

Wigwam provide further care instructions to help your socks last longer. These can be found on each styles web page and printed onto the packaging, majority of the socks have a 2 year performance guarantee or with some such as the Mineral Ridge have a lifetime guarantee. So if they don’t last the time stated you can return them and they will replace them free of charge.

Wigwam describes the Peak2Pub range as ‘the ideal partner for all adventures, even if it is just to the corner bar.’

I agree with their comment, the socks are very comfortable even in hot conditions, well padded, stylish and suit many styles of boots and shoes as well as the moisture control which works to reduce odour and sweat. Making these socks perfect for anyone, not just for outdoor use! Which is what the name suggests and not just a fun name – Peak2Pub: At home in the mountains or in the pub.

The socks in my opinion are an exciting colourful range which is practical for all walks of life. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or just want better socks for walking and comfort, the large range and colours will suit everyone. The cost vs quality I feel are great, padding, comfort in a range of shoes/boots and help reduce foot problems, they certainly are a great option. Wigwam is brightening up hiker’s feet with colour and style, in a practical all round sock.

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