Wigwam Socks Merino Lite review

Wigwam Socks Merino Lite review

Wigwam Socks are known for their universal socks for comfort up a mountain or walking around town which has been proven with the Peak2Pub range. In this latest offering the range continues with the merino wool socks. Better suited for the outdoors but will be perfect for those cold Winter nights which are fast coming.

A lightweight merino wool sock offering softness, support and comfort in a range of colours. Perfect for spring & summer hiking.


Merino Wool
Zone cushioned crew
Reinforced Heel and Toe
Seamless Toe Closure
Breathable mesh instep
Elasticised arch

52% Merino Wool
37% Stretch Nylon
8% Polyester
2% Spandex
1% Tencel®

Created for the male foot with zone cushioning, elasticised arch for support, breathable mesh instep and a seamless toe closure for maximum comfort.
Available in Black, Charcoal, Navy, Red Clay (red), Cactus (green) and Bitter Chocolate (Maroon).

Price = £21 and available in medium (UK 5-8) or large (UK 8-11.5)


On Review

This has been a long awaited review on my part as well having received the socks in May, but these socks are not suited for Summer wear being thick merino wool socks so the opportunities to use them have been very limited with the heatwave.

In the short window I managed to wear the socks previous to the heatwave was on Snowdon and they were perfect for the wet and fast climb up in May on the bank holiday weekend.
The socks were incredibly comfortable with the boots and scrambling up as fast as possible to avoid the rain but once the rain did hit the socks continued to have no issues performing in the wet. It's worth adding the socks are not waterproof so suitable shoes for these conditions are still needed.

The socks although not thick or heavy are not suitable for Summer use or heatwaves as we've recently had. I found my feet were to hot to wear these in the conditions we've just experienced but it's been to hot to wear much clothing at all. However as they are lightweight, leaving them in your rucksack will only take up a small space and weight which is nice to know in case the weather does turn cold on the mountains.

I continued to use the socks for a number of weeks after the bank holiday on early mornings in the Chilterns when it was fresher and still wet underfoot and in the low ankle shoes and long grass it was a nice combination to give my feet and legs some protection again the undergrowth or bugs.

Now with the rolling around in the undergrowth whilst photographing butterflies the socks did get fairly dirty.

Washing the socks is simple and no extra care is required or having to do a special wash on top of the usual washing. Throwing them in the machine and keeping the temperature on 20-30 and a low spin is suited and just leave out to dry on the line. I found the socks were very fast drying and by lunch time on hot days or by the end of the day on cooler days the socks were dry and ready to use again.


Fast forward several months and August, although Summer the temperatures and weather turned considerable to the previous few months of dry 34+ heat.
Low levels were a comfortable 20 degrees but on top of the mountains on a clear night or in the wet Pen y Fan and Fan Brycheiniog temperatures were hovering above freezing with the strong winds.

I was so glad I packed these socks!


Going from my Trail Trax Pro socks during the day and getting to the top and having cold ankles it was a sensible swap to the merino hiking socks. I could instantly feel the extra heat and comfort and the socks remained dry and warm for the rest of the night and running around the mountain tops in the wind and cold I suffered no issues from rubbing.

Although not hygienic, due to the cold and wet I didn't bother changing that morning and packed up fast to avoid the rain and get off the mountain tops so after a night's wear in the cold running about Cribyn and Pen y Fan the socks didn't smell and neither did my feet. Like most of Wigwam Socks range they have moisture control to keep your feet from sweating and rubbing to avoid blisters and other issues.


That same weekend the socks went through every condition. From the temperature difference of running up and down mountains over night to coping in the wet on the coast.
The last location of my trip was down to Rhossili Bay and it was very wet! The rain and wind was relentless and made the slow walk down to the bay very unpleasant, everything was dripping wet.

The new shoes I was also reviewing at the time were superb and kept my feet very dry and inside the Wigwam Socks kept my feet nice and cosy. When I finally returned back to the car the only items of clothing I didn't bother changing due to being wet were the shoes and socks.

Overall super impressed with the socks and with the overall comfort and durability in multiple activities.
The quality shows and are great for cushioning when hiking on uneven surfaces or for keeping your feet warm at night. It's been difficult to review and use over Summer however due to the extreme heats but would certainly pack these again on any future hikes. They are very lightweight for what the socks offer so there is no excuse not to pack them for any weather.

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