#ZaffinMondays 27th June - The Silent Guardian

So this week I won the category for the animals with ZaffinMondays, a big surprise I have to say as the photo I didn't believe was that great and the fact the swan is slightly blurred due to the animal moving towards me.

I think it was down to the the swan being intrigued by the large tripod (Manfrotto XPro3, its a bit of a beast).

A lovely surprise still to start my Tuesday so thank you to Mark for selecting mine as the winner.

The photo was taken with a Nikon D50 with a Hoya R72 ratin filter with 18-55mm kit lens.
Converted to black and white after.

Mark, was worried about his comments and critic on the photos.
Personally I welcome comments like this, as a creative I feel it is necessary to improving work and sharing, if you can't take feedback or act on it, why share the photo? Surely that's half the idea on sharing the work in the first place.

So far its been a split on whether it should be cropped or not, so I'll let you judge below by picking what you feel is best.

Zaffin Mondays - 27th June 2016.jpg
Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 1

Cambrian Mountains - Expedition 1

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