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Snugpak Antarctic Mat

The Snugpak Antarctic Mat appears thin on first appearance and you’d question how is this better compared to traditional rubber/inflated mats? This mat won’t crack when rolled up and as there is no valves or inflating required its quicker, pain free and easier to use. Read the full review from Snugpak Brand Ambassador, Matt Holland.

Snugpak Ionosphere 1 man tent

The Snugpak Ionpshere is a bivi styled tent, using a two pole construction, inner build first but how far can this small one man tent be pushed? I take it out for my first experience with the one man tent and use it in 90km/h, heavy snow and as a whole a pretty miserable winter.

Keeping warm this winter

Outdoors enthusiast, Matt Holland takes the Bridgedale StormSocks, Jetboil Zip with Coffee press and new Camelbak Hot Cap and Magnetic Chute insulated bottles to review in the snow and winter and shares their uses for the outdoors and everyday life.