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 Cadair Idris Winter Trip 2019

I am a Kase Filters UK champion, I use the AGC circular filter system from Kase filters for all my outdoors and adventure photography. These circular filters are useful in the outdoors as they are small, lightweight and convenient to use in comparison against square filters for mountain photography. I can store the filters with my camera inside the camera insert and not worry about extra filter bags. They are also considerably cheaper versus square filters.

I am a reseller of Kase Filters so if you are interested in buying some Kase Filters please contact me with the form below.


I share my thoughts and opinion on why circular filters can be more beneficially over square filters for use in the outdoors when it comes to hiking, mountains and camping. I compare the two systems to show where strengths are with both. As well as looking at Kase Filters UK new circular filters - AGC and GCLP filters.

Kase Filters Variable Density Filter

A full test for both video and photography with the new 2019 Kase Filters Variable Density filter. Including long exposure photography, cinegraphs and soon commercial projects with animation and video for my personal clients.


Read about Matt’s trip to the Brecon Beacons, South Wales to pursue snow with a last minute forecast. Matt takes the new AGC/GCLP circular Kase Filters in to sub-zero conditions for some wintry photography.

 Cadair Idris Winter Trip 2019

Read about a not so wintry trip to South Snowdonia to Cadair Idris where Matt, Jim and Gareth tackle 100kph winds, rain and just as a whole a pretty miserable weekend for photography and being outdoors. It seems all doom and gloom but a few pockets of good weather helped with some fleeting moments of sunshine.


From sunrise to sunset, a full day of photography with long exposures at Burnham-on-sea low lighthouse, in to Bristol and finishing at Clevedon.
Read how I got on with a dedicated day to street photography.

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Transparency Notice: Please note that I am a Kase Filters UK champion and receive the products for free to review from Kase Filters and are returned after completing the review. The review is no guarantee of endorsement. Any Kase Filters I own has been bought at a discounted rate by myself. I am an official reseller for Kase Filters UK.