What gear do I use?

The beginning of 2017 saw the start of my collaboration with MyOutdoors in reviewing outdoor equipment and the start of my DofE Leadership. So I get involved with a lot of hands on testing and giving my thoughts on equipment and skills for the outdoors but the key question is - What kit do I rely on myself?

My kit list below shows you what I would typically take with me on an expedition or is involved in my day-to-day work as a multimedia designer. Included with the items is weight and affiliate links to either Amazon or to the brands sites so you can see the kit and buy if you wish. If you make a purchase using an Amazon link I will make a small 3-8% commission, which helps the brands and myself.
Thank you for your support.

First of all what do I use for my photography?

The camera and lens

The workhorse, heavy but it's worth the weight and I can rely and trust on this camera to do everything I need in any condition.
Sun, rain or snow it just keeps on going and has everything from 4K video, timelapse and of course image quality to match.

I keep my lens selection down to a few core essentials. 16-80mm is the lens to match the workhorse style. It's versatile and has a good range.
Also great for astrophotography. For extended reach I use the Nikkor 55-300mm, although slow at f/4.5/5.6 its focal range and how light it is for travel makes it a must and worth the compromise.
I'm a big fan of film too and continue to use my trusted OM collection for film with my go to being the OM4.
Nikon D500 + 16-80mm F/2.8-4 VR DX = 1350
Tap & Dye Horween Chromexcel strap
Nikkor 55-300mm AF F/4-5.6 VR DX = 500
L- Bracket
Remote Shutter Release

Olympus OM1 and Olympus OM4
Zuiko 50mm F/1.4
Vivitar 28-70mm macro F/2.8

I use a USB charger, which charges two batteries at once and better yet I can plug in to computers, cars, external battery packs and just keep going.
Dual Camera battery USB charger
Wildbounds Xtorm solar power bank = 260 /// (10,000mAH Li-ion) approx 1 and half batteries from full charge

I don't often use camera backpacks because they are to heavy and not adaptable to camping and travel so I opt to use inserts. I use the Mindshift Gear rotation 180 panorama. It's padded secure and can fit a lot of kit inside including my filters and have found it can fit a 70-200mm f/2.8 inside.
Mindshift Gear Camera insert = 300

Although my kit is weather sealed and can take a battering it's good to keep it protected even in the worst conditions, especially snow, sand or extremely wet conditions.
It's nothing expensive, it's just a camera cover which costs £5. I'd rather this get damaged than £3000 of camera kit. It's lightweight and packs down super flat so there is no excuse not to pack it.
DSLR rain cover - 50

I store my spare batteries and lens wipes in a limited edition Tap & Dye pouch. It's intended for film cartridges but I've changed it to a more modern means.
Tap & Dye Legacy pouch
Cable organiser
Vanguard Photo Camera cleaner

The tripod

A landscape photographers best friend and videographer for that matter.
I rely on my Vanguard Alta Pro2+ for all creative situations. It's lightweight, tall, tough and can change and adapt to ANY situation I need. Use my advocates discount code to get 30% off - 30VAN17
Vanguard Alta Pro2+ 264CT plus BH-100 ball head = 1900

Camera Filters

I got sick of spending a lot of money for my filters and wanted to find some filters which offered the same quality as the big brands but for a lot less.
I found them and I am very proud to work with them as an ambassador - 84.5mm filters.
Yes some of the filters are resin but this doesn't mean they are worse. Tests have shown they do not cast and colours, less vignetting on wide angles and in all no issues at all but for a 3rd of the cost! Use my ambassadors code to get 15% off  - MIH15D
My filters are kept safe in the Mindshift Filter Hive mini Pouch which is small and compact to fit 4-6 100mm filter inside.

84.5mm filters ultimate line 100mm filters
0.9 soft grad ND
0.6 soft grad ND
0.6 reverse grad ND
0.9 stop ND
3.0 stop ND X-Stopper
Z-type holder
Analog Rainbow Filters: California sunset, Spring Meadow, Hippie rainbow

The outdoor equipment


Snugpak Endurance 40 pack (multi-day) = 1400
Millican Fraser 25L (every day bag) = 1000
Exped Dry bags


Backpacking Light Hex Peak F6a tipi = 1200 (Summer)
Leki Trail AS poles = 350
Snugpak Scorpion 2 tent = 2600 (winter)


Vango Vulcan F10 = 1200
Snugpak Air mat with built in pump = 650

Cooking & water

Coleman Fyrestorm PCS = 500 (Winter or multiple people)
Robens Firefly stove with Settlement press = 290 (Summer)
Sea to Summit folding X mug - 80
True utility spork

Vango Hydrant bladder = 2l
Punc thermal bottle = 1L
Sawyer water filter system = 130

Clothing and Waterproofs

Trespass Rocco waterproof jacket = 400
Snugpak ML6 Softie Smock = 550 (Winter)
Snugpak AR Windtop = 220
Snugpak AR Softie vest = 350
Rab Nexus Pull On - 270
Norrona Alpha 60 jacket = 200
Snugpak Impact Fleece = 360 (Winter)
Tops = 430 /// Mammut MTR 141 /// Maier Sports Walter /// Helly Hansen Lifa Active /// Montane Sonic shirt
Rab Vapour Rise trousers = 400 (Winter)
Maier Sports NIL trousers = 250
Alpkit Koulin Trail Tights = 220 (Summer)
Hiking socks = Wigwam Socks
Sports Socks - Wigwam Trail Traxs
Waterproof socks = SealSkinz

Berghaus Hillmaster II hiking boots = 1150
Anatom Skye trail multi activity shoes = 760
Mammut T Aegility GTX trail shoes = 360

Sealskinz Dragoneye Gloves = 100 (Winter)
Sealskinz Merino Wool liners = 40 (Winter)
Sealskinz Beanie = 150 (winter)
Buff = 50
Smidge bug spray
Multi tools = 200
Wildbounds Xtorm solar power bank = 260 /// 4 charges total (10,000mAH Li-ion)
Fitbit Versa sports watch
Fella Gaiters = 130 (Summer gaiters or trail running)
NovaGaiters = 200 (Winter or extreme wet weather)
Running band for phone

Base weights with no food or water: (typical carry 2L of water)

Photographic kit = 4.2kg (no tripod = 2.2kg)
Summer kit = 6.5kg

Winter kit = 10kg